What does an English Tutor Do?

What does an online English tutor do exactly?

The worldwide demand for English language tuition was bound to make the leap to online sooner or later. So you can be forgiven if you don’t know what an online English tutor is or does. Now, students all over the world have another option when it comes to when and how they choose to learn the world language, English. Formerly, they could attend classes, either as part of their school curriculum, or a private after-school institute. Alternately they might employ a tutor to give them one-on-one lessons. By far the most effective way to learn is the latter. One-on-one lessons, or small groups of up to three, allowed students the opportunity to listen to, and speak with native, or fluent English speakers. It’s the difference between a piano student rehearsing a whole music score with the tutor, or only a few lines with the band. However, finding a tutor, and affording regular lessons was not always accessible to the majority of students serious about learning the language. That’s now changed thanks to technology. Lower hardware costs, and faster, more stable internet speeds are bringing tutor and students together like never before!

The current state of online English tuition has quickly evolved to solve some of the more mundane technical issues, like time zone differences, scheduling students and tutors to meet up at the right time, payment platforms such as Paypal getting tutors paid, and ready-made learning materials all housed conveniently in an App. If you are unsure of what and App is, ask any 7 year-old with an iPad, or smartphone, because that is primarily how they are taking their English tuition.

Of course, for more advanced students, a more tailored approach is often needed, and this is where online tutoring works at its best. Websites such as iTalki.com, or Verbling.com, allow tutors to post a profile, including a Youtube introduction video, and advertise their area of expertise. These sites are like a educational Tinder, pairing students with a tutor that will address their individual needs. On these sites it’s a free market economy, so lessons will range from $8 to $80 depending on the skill of the tutors and their availability. General English is the most popular as young and old students alike are looking to improve their spoken English. Students preparing for English proficiency tests are eager to learn from tutors experienced in those areas. Business people looking to move up in their careers will often choose a tutor that will fit their schedule, budget, and learning needs.

English tutors, are quickly becoming a mainstay of English tuition, as English schools who may have seen themselves loosing business, have recognized that online tuition makes a perfect compliment to their classroom courses. Students attend their classes in the day, and twice a week meet up with an online tutor in the evening or weekend to practice what they learned in class. The students may be in Beijing, but their tutors are in Melbourne, or Milwaukee, or Manchester. In 2014, for the first time money spent on classroom English learning shrunk, while online learning increased 20%. The figure also correlates to the rise in online English tutor job posts seen on ESL job boards around the world.  So for a job that will take you around the world without stepping outside your front door,  contact us to find out more.

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