How much will the entire program cost me ?

Firstly, there is a Program Fee of AUD $100 for candidates that have completed a TESOL course with us. For all other candidates the Program fee is $200. The Program fee is refundable, less $50,  if your submission is unsuccessful. This covers assistance in gathering, collating and submitting  your portfolio to our network in China to secure an interview. It also covers visa assistance and an orientation prior to your departure to China.  Remember: if your application is unsuccessful, we will refund your Program Fee less $50 for administrative costs.

Secondly , since the school offers free accommodation and the living cost in China is much lower than Western countries , we suggest you take around AUD $500 – $800 for living expenses .

Thirdly, you will need to purchase your airfares to China. With some programs, you will receive a USD$1,500 bonus on successful completion of your engagement. This is to offset your airfares.

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