TESOL Practicum Certification

Need some additional Practical Skills to add to your Certificate in TESOL?

Further develop your skills and employability as a TESOL Tutor by completing our Practicum Module (Practical Skills Certification).

The English International TESOL Practicum Module is a nominal 10 hours of Expert Observation, Lesson Planning and Lesson Delivery. This is a perfect extension of additional practice, designed to follow the 120 hour Certificate in TESOL.

On successful completion you will be issued with your English International Practicum Certificate. This can be used to help gain employment as an English Tutor either online or overseas. It can be completed at your own pace through our Virtual Classroom with the support of highly qualified and experienced TESOL Teachers (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) who will give you feedback on your work and support you through your certification.

The English International  TESOL Practicum Certificate is a nominal 10 hour of skills development, comprising the following:

  • 5  hours  observing an expert TESOL Teacher delivering key sessions in TESOL
  • 5 hours  Lesson Planning and Lesson Delivery.

We use the Communicative Method of language teaching which is currently recognised as the most appropriate way of promoting students’ listening and speaking abilities and our graduates are specifically trained to provide optimum opportunities for interaction and communication with their students.

Course Delivery

Delivery method: Virtual Classroom using ZOOM Technology 
Hours: Total hours = 10 
Start dates:  Anytime

Our Virtual Classroom set's our students up perfectly for online tutoring.

Course Structure

The successful achievement of this TESOL Practicum Certificate requires you to complete:

  • 5 x Observations of our Expert Teachers delivering an ESL Class
  • Preparation of 5 x lessons in focused areas.
  • Delivery of the final lesson plan


Based on our experience in teaching over 10,000 TESOL Teachers, we have designed this Practicum Certification to include the following key elements that an effective English teacher / tutor should understand and be able to do well.

  • Lesson Warm Up
  • Listening & Speaking
  • Reading & Writing
  • Review
  • Setting Homework

Entry Requirements

The purpose of this course is to prepare you to become and English Tutor or maybe even Teacher, so you will need to have a sound level of ability in written and spoken English. You will also have completed at a minimum a 120 Hour Certificate in TESOL.

What's Included

  • Email and online support from expert and qualified TESOL Teachers
  • Online student learning resources
  • 24/7 access to your Student Portal where you can download your learning resources and submit your assessment