Total English

Our curriculum takes a straight forward and logical approach that makes it easy for our students to achieve their learning goals.

Our Guided Approach

Total English offers a well-organised systematic approach. Every unit starts with a “Can do” objective stating what students will be able to do after successfully completing the unit. Here are some examples:

    • Exchange opinions with a friend
    • Discuss your likes and dislikes
    • Ask and answer about personal plans
    • Understand basic information about a house and furniture

Then, the course builds up the solid language base needed to achieve these objectives. Students learn the relevant vocabulary, commonly used structures and grammar rules, and practice core skills and pronunciation. It provides a clear and logical learning path which allows students to reach their goals faster.

Engaging Learning Activities

Modern topics, colourful visuals, and authentic video materials create a feel-good atmosphere in the classroom. They encourage teamwork, natural discussions, the exchange of opinions, and keep students interested and engaged

Learn to Love English

Be the best you can be… and even better. Clear goals and learning outcomes are very visible, so after successfully completing each unit you can confidently say to each other: I can now do this in English! This will give you a sense of achievement, a desire to use your new knowledge in practice, and the confidence to move further.